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A Decade long Journey

Safe-T is a health and safety platform that was established in 2009 to support your projects with complete safety. We focus on handling and proper management of firefighting mechanisms including fire safety systems, fire detection, firefighting equipment, fire hydrants and firefighting courses. Safe-t is an undefeated pioneer in offering fire protection mechanisms in Pakistan. We provide unprecedented services to several sectors in the country. The evolution of modern fire safety policies keep improving and so do we have kept pace with the modernization of procedures and equipment. 
Keeping in view the tight legislation around the world regarding a safe working environment, now it has become pertinent to offer safety courses and validations. Every client is important to us and we offer the same level of services while following international standards. We follow a single formula of 100% customer satisfaction. Through our world-class services, the employees are prioritized always. By availing of our safety services, you could safely deliver the required services in a safe environment. Safe-T is a qualified and experienced organization offering satisfactory health & safety services to many clients over the years. Safe-t proudly follows the Occupational Safety Health & Environment Services (OSHES). 


Safe-T believes in a safe environment for employees in-office and on-site. We consider safety a top priority for the workforce. In fact, safety is beneficial for an organization while profits are increased with healthy employees. We possess multi-lingual experience while extending our services throughout Pakistan. We have also worked closely with almost all age groups while providing safety courses to the best of our abilities. We are always looking forward to assisting you to work safely in any environment. 
Since 2009, we have been leading the fire safety industry in Pakistan. Collaborating with several private and public organizations, we have evolved to become the most trusted partners in many industries. We are not only conducting business but in fact, serving the people by spreading much-needed information about firefighting techniques and equipment. Driven by a vision of serving people by ensuring safe operations, consistent innovations, and digitalized central monitoring systems.  

Advantages of our Services:

There are several benefits of availing our services, such as follows:

  • Better productivity
  • Better safety of the workforce
  • Prevention of accidents and mishaps
  • Enhanced compliance with safety standards
  • Better reputation in public and private sectors
  • Development of sustainable safety mechanisms

Range of our Services:

Safe-t is offering a range of unprecedented and world-class quality services including:

  • Emission Tests
  • Fire Safety Audit
  • Fire & as Detectors
  • Annual Maintenance
  • HVAC Repair & Maintenance


Mission Statement

We have embarked upon a mission of keeping you and your environment to the highest standards of safety. This is ensured by providing you with just the right equipment and training. The salient features of our services include:

  • Fire alarms
  • Fire safety installation
  • Fire safety equipment
  • Firefighting inspection
  • Fire safety maintenance
  • Fire hydrant mechanisms
  • Firefighting training and courses
  • Fire safety testings at regular intervals