About Us

Over 10 years of happy customers

Safe-T is a one-stop-shop for personal protective equipment, Fire safety solutions including Fire hydrant & latest Fire detection systems and apparel requirements for any workforce. Our product portfolio includes the most recognized brands in the industry, allowing flexibility and choice for the customer. Working closely with the customer, we offer a wide range of custom-built product and service solutions designed to meet the requirements of any industry.


safe-t was established in sep-2009 with prime objective of providing all kind of industrial safety services and manufacture safety products. Subsequently, the company diversified all of its activities in line with the growth of country in the industrial sector and achieved tremendous success in its specialty of installation of fire alarm system and fire hydrant system. safe-t has a history to promote HSE demands in all of its work areas, all engineers are completely trained to full fill the requirement of HSE.

We are serving top ranked industrial groups of Pakistan in Fire Safety Systems Installation, Providing of Personal Protective Equipment & all safety related services. Our success is based on the continuous commitment that safe-T gives to all of its clients by continuously updating and developing its services. In this present time, rising costs has created a competitive structure of industrial work. After all this, we are working on our predefined standards and quality. Our experienced engineers are working very hard to keep our standards maintained even in these times.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to keep you and your environment safe and secure by equipping you with exclusive productive trainings and solutions engineered to your needs.

  • Fire Hydrant System
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Prescribed training in fire and emergency procedures
  • Prescribed fire safety installation inspection testing and maintenance
  • Fire safety & general site safety trainings